I have owned HT since basically the beginning. I was looking for a similar exchange that is new and growing to get the same returns that I got originally with Huobi.

I saw this new exchange called hibtc not to be confused with that garbage exchange hitbtc. At first I was skeptical of a new exchange but I did my research and saw it was not a Asian scam but an exchange listed out of Malta. They are using similar methods to grow business similar to FCOIN/CET etc.They are using transmining the new idea that is sweeping the crypto world exchanges. If you get in early you can make a ton of money the dividends are huge and the withdrawals are super fast. I have already tripled my money since entering about a week ago and I know it seems to be good to be true but I was able to make several large withdrawals no issues and lightening fast. Support actually answers messages its a nice and refreshing experience when the rest of the crypto world is getting killed. You get “HIBT” coins by either mining aka buying/selling the other coins listed or just buying the HIBT coin itself. It pays dividends daily in all of the other currencies which is nice. If you use my Invitation link r/[https://hibtc.com/#/act/register?invite=1JyhFNjY44W](https://hibtc.com/#/act/register?invite=1JyhFNjY44W) we both get some nice perks when you are verified and we make trades. If you have additional questions or want proof of withdrawals and dividends then I will be happy to provide them. I do not think it will be sustainable forever but right now you can make a small fortune even during this bear market.

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