This is probably going to fall on deaf ears (hope to be wrong), but your Elastos softing staking program claims to ‘maximize benefits for users holding ELA’ and that’s simply not true.

The 36 DPoS delegates KuCoin votes for yield 4.66% annually (source: This includes 5 delegates that share no rewards with voters, and more that share very small percentages. The optimal rewards voting configuration yields 6.17%.

In addition, according to, ELA returns ~2%, but KuCoin earns 4.66% based on their votes. Where’s the other 2.66%?

Since the last time KuCoin voted (November 8th, 2019), Elastos DPoS has changed significantly. The 600k votes (~10% of all ELA staked) from KuCoin that are locked into certain nodes make it exceedingly difficult for new nodes to make it into active status. There is only one delegate in the top 24 that does not have KuCoin’s vote. KuCoin is singlehandedly deciding who the the active delegates are and this is discouraging for delegates contributing to the ecosystem that have earned votes from the community but still cannot overcome KuCoin’s vote.

Please consider fixing this.

Or, better yet, if you cannot commit to re-voting on a regular basis, consider spreading your votes across all the delegates evenly or cancel the ELA soft staking program all together. It may be generating KuCoin a small amount of income, but it is harming the project and the difference between what a user earns staking with KuCoin and what they should be earning staking themselves is over 4% (< 2% to > 6%). Users holding ELA on your exchange under the assumption they are earning fair rewards are being taken advantage of. Not exactly living up to ‘The People’s Exchange’ slogan.

I hope to receive some feedback from an admin on this matter.

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  1. kucoin_moderator on 31. March 2020 at 4:44

    ***Soft Staking*** *is centralized staking, which dynamically adjusts the staking ratio. Under the premise of not impacting the ability to make withdrawal requests from users, soft staking maximizes the benefits for the users. All the proceeds from staking will be distributed to the holders in proportion, which leads to the income being lower than traditional staking.*

    KuCoin will adjust the staking proportion based on the total amount of token value and the withdrawal records of the platform wallet each calendar day. In order to service the best interest of our users, KuCoin will do its utmost in assisting our users to seek the maximum profit in the ELA mainnet staking process with the objective to not affecting ELA token withdrawal. All the revenue generated will be distributed to users accordingly. As a general rule, users are able to withdraw their respective ELA assets at any time without terminating the staking.

    KuCoin will adjust the staking proportion of ELA every calendar day and calculate the daily revenue of the users according to the snapshots of the ELA amount held by users at 23:59:59 (UTC+8) each calendar day. The daily revenue will be distributed the next day. Users are able to check their revenue return at “My Bonus”.


  2. s2wjkise on 31. March 2020 at 4:44

    Please update the thread if you find out a real answer.