Hi everyone, I would be grateful if you could help me clarify whether I understand the risks of Binance ETH/BETH liquidity farming correctly. These are:

1. The risk associated with the volatility of the ETH price compared to BETH, which should be minimal in this case, as “*BETH is a tokenized version of staked ETH on Binance.*”.

2. Risk connected with holding ETH/BETH i.e. that their price might go down.

3. The risk of Binance going bankrupt.

Did I miss something or is that all?

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  1. ZealousidealLie9249 on 15. February 2024 at 14:33

    The risk of not doing self custody. It’s kind of related to your point 3 but you are exposing yourself to more than just insolvency risk by not holding your own assets


  2. jie1231234 on 15. February 2024 at 14:33

    I don’t think liquidity mining with Binance is a profitable option because you need to pledge your own money to get the returns