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**We estimate a high EUR potential to break-out of the wedge/long-term descending trend channel in the short-run.**


\* [EURUSD ](https://uk.tradingview.com/symbols/EURUSD/)keeps trading inside the descending trend channel/wedge, but the price is lining up for an upward break-out.
\* The pair shows a very promising dynamic – steadily holding above the 21 Daily [EMA](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/ema/) , which is now turned North.
\* [Bullish](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/bullish/) optimism is preserved on both time-frames, 1D and H4, especially after the minor Support at 1.1080 was maintained.
\* Both indicators, [RSI](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/relativestrengthindex/) & [MACD](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/macd/) , are progressing in accordance with the [bullish](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/bullish/) tendency.
\* In contrast, the Bears could turn the tables only if the price closes below the 21 Daily [EMA](https://uk.tradingview.com/ideas/ema/), which is an unlikely scenario for now.

**Active trade signal**

Buy @1.1080-1.1120.
Longer-term Target: 1.1400.
Nearest Target: 1.1200.
Stop-loss: 1.1049.

**Watch for our Updates to get real-time superior signals!**


*DisclaimerThis report is for information purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency product. Monfex accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of this material. Any person acting on this trade idea does so entirely at their own risk.*

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