For the recent delay of DOT deposit to #KuCoin, we have confirmed with the #Polkadot team that the main cause is some exchanges sent the transaction to KuCoin in batches, and if any call within the batch fails, the batch will be interrupted and all calls will be cancelled.

Why some calls failed and some did not? The minimum amount to activate an account is 1 DOT. If there’s a transaction to a new account that is below the existential deposit amount (1 DOT), no account will be created and other transactions in the batch will fail as well.

The #Polkadot team, KuCoin, and all exchanges involved are fully aware of the issue now, and we are working closely with the tech team of all parties to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding!

See the official tweet from KuCoin Global CEO & co-founder, Johnny Lyu, here:


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