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Have structured discussions with your community in your token-gated CharmVerse space. Just like your space, your forum can be gated by your tokens or NFTs.

* Tag and filter posts with a category to keep the discussion organized. Threaded comments make the conversations easier to follow. Help others find the good stuff by upvoting or downvoting posts and comments. Sort the forum feed by date, number of comments, or vote count.
* Get notified when someone responds to your post or comment so you don’t miss an important conversation because you were not online at the right time
* The forum is flexible for any use case (Governance discussions, FAQS & Support, Discuss Initiatives, random water cooler gossip…)
* You can embed tweets, images, video, and format text however you would like. Discussions bring communities together. Build a central source for conversations that matter in your CharmVerse Forum.

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