Predictions for the next altseason, What you plan on bagging here on Kucoin?

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6 commentaires

  1. Crypto-Expansion sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    I wonder what took to get to those predictions… BNB $1800 to start with!

    Looks too bullish to me! And call me a bear, but not even BTC at $100.000 is guaranteed, even less all the time highs for all the coins.

    No targets here, but I’m really bullish on many tokens like ARB, INJ, BAND, JOURNÉE, URUS and from the list obviously ETH and LINK, but also VRA.

    Sand and Mana, and to some extent GALA makes me wonder how will the returns to the metaverse and gaming trends will be


  2. stormingaround10 sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    Cool predictions. It would be crazy if Link and Dot hit $150. Let’s see. I keep bagging them aside from Arb, Ocean, and Dia.


  3. Immediate-Sink-89 sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    XRP at $9? okay that’s gonna be an awesome thing to see. you forgot KCS, perhaps at least $15


  4. TripleReward sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    Thats a fugly bag to hold.

    Better sell to cut your losses. Most of these are dead and will not go up anymore.


  5. gewektecf sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    This is most likely going to be the case soon. I have most of these assets. Some are on Kucoin, while others are on other exchanges. I wish Peaq would consider listing Krest here as well.


  6. LivinLifeMyOwnTerms sur 13. novembre 2023 à 22:15

    that will all happen once BTC hit $100,000 only