Interested to hear if you have a work around!

The fee to withdraw BTC from Binance is 0.004 BTC (around $16). However the fee to withdraw SOL is 0.01 SOL (approx $1).

So it nah be cheapest to convert BTC to Sol, send it to another exchange like Coinbase Pro and then convert and withdraw to a wallet that way.

Does anyone have a cheaper way around?

Also interested if someone knows a similar way for funds on (although I appreciate this is the wrong sub-Reddit). Cheers!

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3 commentaires

  1. Fatal_Angel_X sur 29. avril 2022 à 12:28

    I think XLM is probably the cheapest alternative unless you can use XRP. Nano is another cheap one that I know of.


  2. SeanLeePeasant sur 29. avril 2022 à 12:28

    Depends on how much bitcoin you are withdrawing, other methods usually charge you around 1% frais. If you’re withdrawing more than 0.1 btc each time, I will stick with Binance direct withdrawal method. If you’re withdrawing less than that, use xlm.


  3. SwimEmirates sur 29. avril 2022 à 12:28

    XLM or TRX will do the cheap fees you are looking for. Those two has cheaper fees than other alts