FUDders keep FUDDING. KuCoin will keep introducing new campaigns and features. Photos of KuCoin team shared on telegram.

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  1. Create4Life on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    I do not believe kucoin is evil or that they are trying to exitscam or anything. But please understand that the issues around kucoin are real and that it is not FUD.
    I liked kucoin but I am probably never going to use it again due to the lack of transparency involved around the vechain tokenswap controversy.


  2. shesellsshitcoins on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    60 some odd employees and still can’t process a VET withdrawal. Lol…


  3. stockstar1138 on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    Two Questions:

    1. Why not take a picture at one of your four major offices?

    2. How is holding a conferance at a center and paying all these people profitable on less than 20k/day in revenue from exchange fees?

    Edit: Ill toss in a third.

    3. Thats not a Singpore exit sign on the right, so where was this taken? Are all of your offices this big? How do you pay for all these people on diminishing exchange volumes and paying out half of that volume?


  4. Bazzcrypto on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    No VET withdrawals, minimum transaction amount that basically keep funds locked on this exchange. This is not an exchange for the people at all. Too many red flags. They can keep the small amount of mine that’s on there but no way I’ll deposit more on that scamchange to free-up my funds.


  5. mralderson on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    You do know that people have legit concerns here other than unnecessary FUDs right?
    Other than the address issue which I agree is stupid and unnecessary, most users don’t have the luxury to wait for Kucoin to “introduce new campaigns and features” while not having their issues solved.


  6. adrian511 on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    Don’t need to be to this harsh guys I see constant bashing and bullying Kucoin team in the comments and in the reddit community, they are trying as much as they can to prove FUDers wrong for the sake of thier investors protection and you people seem to bully them openly. They seem to be a young team trying to be the best, don’t keep bashing them and make them loose motivation of trying to be peoples exchange try to do some constructive criticism if possible for the betterment of the exchange which even they seem to happily accept and work towards resolving them as they did from time to time.


  7. here-come-the-toes on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    I’ll be honest, this looks like a school day trip.

    Girls in the front row look between 11-15 in age

    Can’t make out the faces at the back due to the bad quality image

    Still can’t withdraw VET…..


  8. laurencegoh on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    Hooray….. good to hear. Keep up the good work team.


  9. quikstiix on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    When exit scam?


  10. Sundy86 on 15. August 2018 at 16:22

    Where is the scammer Ian Shilina?