I tried to withdraw GBP via bank transfer as I’ve done countless times before but it failed over and over again.

Spoke to support and have been told

“Hello. Your account is being restricted from using GBP by our payment partner due to risk control and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it. Due to risk control you are not able to withdraw GBP. We have submitted the request to whitelist your account. After your account is whitelisted, you will be able to convert your remaining GBP balance to BUSD”

What is this? Has anyone had his before?

*** I was able to withdraw to my Revolut bank using bank card. Obviously higher transaction fee but got it out. ***

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  1. [deleted] on 24. January 2024 at 11:10



  2. OperationSweaty9428 on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    They doing same to me. Almost 3 weeks now on USDT not fiat


  3. [deleted] on 24. January 2024 at 11:10



  4. KyoS198m on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    My friend did lots of P2P transactions with Lloyds bank account receiving GBP from buyer. Now account temporarily suspended by Lloyds.


  5. iflabaslab on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    Are you with Barclays? Lloyds accept crypto withdrawals I think

    Edit: saw comments. No idea what to suggest really


  6. Objective_Animator_6 on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    I am also waiting my account to be Whitelisted for over three weeks.


  7. SergioMBento on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    With you pounds buy bitcoin. Open account on Nebeus and transfer the bitcoins to the wallet on Nebeus. Then change it to pounds and send it to your bank.


  8. BinanceCSHelp on 24. January 2024 at 11:10

    Hello there.
    We appreciate your inquiry. The provision of our services to as many users as possible has always been and will continue to be one of Binance’s top priorities. We ask for your understanding that Binance reserves the right to restrict or refuse the provision of services under certain circumstances that are outlined in our Terms of Use. Binance constantly reviews our product and service offerings to remain compliant with international regulations.

    You can also share with us the Case ID, so we could check the issue from our side.