There’s so much scam circulating around Binance. Last month I got a scam spoof SMS literally from Binance contact from which credible notifications are usually sent. Today I was added to some scam WhatsApp group chat of my country (Netherlands). Question is: how come do these scammers know the mobile phone numbers of Binance users?

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  1. Zwiebel1 on 2. August 2023 at 14:52

    Scammers use call-ID spoofing to disguise themselves as an official number even if they are not. Its a known weakness of the SMS protocol and can only be dealt with on the side of your mobile service provider.

    Your phone number might be on some random darkweb list of server breaches (from whatever website required your phone number in the past) that is literally sold for pennies. Phone numbers are never really a secret.
    That doesn’t mean that they can link your phone number to your Binance account, though (unless you actually provide them with that information by responding to the fraudalent SMS).


  2. thenextsymbol on 2. August 2023 at 14:52

    i have no idea whether it’s true but long ago Miles Guo and Steve Bannon accused CZ of turning over all customer details to the government of China… they’re still making that accusation.


  3. themactastic25 on 2. August 2023 at 14:52



  4. Dysmael on 2. August 2023 at 14:52

    If they are in the same “crypto” groups (for instance on Telegram or Whatsapp) you may have your phone number visible there (can be disabled on Telegram) but they could also just add you from those member lists. No list of phone numbers needed.


  5. Idyotec on 2. August 2023 at 14:52

    Data breaches are fairly common. Often it’s less impactful info that gets stolen (names and phone numbers rather than SSN/payment info). The data gets sold online or on the dark web and then you end up getting targeted based on whichever companies are associated with your info. There are multiple data sets we’re all likely to be in. I recently got a text from my phone service provider informing me that there was such a breach. There have been breaches of at least two credit reporting agencies in the last couple of years. Binance had a breach a few years back as well, which is likely where your info was sourced if you’ve been with them for over 3 years or so. Not to mention all the companies selling any information they can to anyone who will buy it. In the age of information, data is power. Google, FaceBook, AncesTree, UberEats, Microsoft, various web browsers and most websites; they all sell your info, as we often allow them to by agreeing to their terms of service. I know people who have different phone numbers and emails specifically for these services and another exclusively for personal contacts, and yet another for business. Hell, people even use throwaway accounts here on Reddit to avoid being identified or linked to others. It’s a crazy world.