When I signed up I managed to miss the nationality box and left it on the auto detected value, after starting the verification process and realising it can’t be changed, I created a new account and correctly verified it.

The problem is that on my unverified account I have ~0.3 BTC worth of coins that I deposited before running into this verification error. Huobi support have told me that I can transfer funds between accounts via tipcoins or something:

First email:
> 你好,这是霍比网络。您可以使用tipcoin将资产转移到新账户。您可以在huobi.pro资产中查看提示。

*Google translate*
> Hello, this is Hobby Network. You can use tipcoin to transfer assets to a new account. You can see tips in the huobi.pro asset.

Follow up email when I asked for more details:

> 你好,你可以在huobi.pro-Assets-Rechargeable&Trophy中查看它

> Hello, you can view it in huobi.pro-Assets-Rechargeable&Trophy

But I can’t find any reference or mention of tips or assets/rechargeables, etc on the site.

Does anyone know how to do this? They seem to think that it’s possible.


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