I received the kucoin debit card a month ago i activated it but j dont have any clue hkw to use the card ! If someone can give me a guide it will be great! Thank you !

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  1. Sizododayladyyu on 12. April 2024 at 3:48

    I will consider applying for the Kucoin debit card soon. Currently, I’m using the Tap Fintech debit card, which allows me to hold both fiat and cryptocurrencies in a single cutting-edge interface.


  2. kucoin_moderator on 12. April 2024 at 3:48

    Hi! Here’s our [guide](https://www.kucoin.com/support/24175395153561) for the KuCard’s usage.


  3. tsurutatdk on 12. April 2024 at 3:48

    I’m also planning to get their card. Currently, I have both the Revolut card and the Tap card, but I’m actively using the Tap card. Is the KuCoin card free?


  4. beastmode6667 on 12. April 2024 at 3:48

    The kucoin card is free . How and where did you apply for tap card ?