In the course of the year 2019, precisely the month of November, a friend introduced me to Huobi. I immediately joined the Huobiglobalofficial (English) Telegram channel. “” Shortly afterwards there was the First Reserve AMA with Huobi Global. I participated and was among the lucky winners. I received $10 worth. I left this token in my account for over 10months and during this period my participation in huobi was really limited. The reason was mainly due to the fact that the crypto space looked kind of vague to me because I had time constraints preventing me from settling down to focus and learn, however my contact with Huobi introduced me to the world of crypto!

Fast forward to June 2020 I applied to be a volunteer with Huobi and having already gotten a verified account I accessed my account and discovered my balance had grown by over 700% with $88 safely sitting right there as my balance….wow! I was thrilled!
What really surprised me was that my account did not go dormant like it would surely have happened to my fiat account given the same scenario but in fact it was waiting right there for me to come back.

Having confirmed my balance, I immediately downloaded their mobile app (pro) and Huobi wallet, into which I transferred the balance. Both Apps are available on your mobile play store. You can bank on their integrity and support any day, anytime.

Huobi’s integrity is second to none, be rest assured that your assets are 100% safe with Huobi! No toying with your Crypto balances and the security features are next to none and if there is a hack, do you know that Huobi buys back 20% of it’s own currency, the Huobi Token. These goes into a user protection fund that can be distributed to holders in case of a hack? Yes, they are that good.
Note that, you are even open to have huge discounts if you buy currencies using Huobi Tokens.

As a newbie into trading, I have received first hand support in my dealings on the platform which has made usage pretty easy. You want to trade in crypto currency? Huobi is the right place for you. You can also get support videos on their YouTube channel ( to aid your crypto trading journey. Their services are simply top notch!

However, be wary of scammers; always insist on joining Huobi official channels and make confirmations where necessary, this will save you a lot of stress.

Among the many things that has got me thrilled is the Huobi Info. This is part of the Huobi Eco system and has contributed immensely to providing users with the one-stop information (news, market, data) required to keep abreast about financial happenings. I follow them on Twitter (@huobiInfo). You just can’t miss out if you link up with them as a lot of benefits await you participating.

I will like to also emphasize that in this era of massive money Laundering, Huobi global is working tirelessly to ensure that it isn’t used as an agent to launder money. They are ethical. With the simple verification of account (KYC process) you can bank on carrying out your transactions without hitches or limitations.

Note that Huobi, World leading cryptocurrency financial service provider wishes to see you grow, be ready to grow!

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