Hi I sent my sweat from sweatwallet to kucoin because I didn’t find anything that supports sweat(anything under 18)and yes kucoin need kyc but I thought I could sell sweat and with the usdt I can send it to my wallet right…..no they asked for a trading password and I didn’t have one because I didn’t verify so after hours if searching I found another website that I can send them the sweat and sell it without kyc(I didn’t withdraw at the first because exodus doesn’t support sweat)
So yea when I withdraw the sweat from kucoin to mexc THEY ASKED FOR A TRADING PASSWORD…..WHY now I’m stuck and I heard that the kucoin support is shit
And why there is a live chat with bot?
I just sent a ticket as if they will answer me
Here is my ticket if any moderator saw my post I hope so:3826731

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