In order to introduce more users to the experience of our exchange platform, KuCoin has launched the Affiliate Program. We are pleased to welcome all KuCoin enthusiasts who are interested in promoting the exchange to join this program!

Read more about this program on:


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  1. cheappainting on 15. June 2019 at 23:20

    this is a win-win situation in which for those who will promote kucoin will also have a 50% commission will try my best to participate here at kucoin affiliated program!


  2. Beau_McKee on 15. June 2019 at 23:20

    Hey this is good news. Should’ve happened a long time ago, but this should be a positive move regardless


  3. TotesMessenger on 15. June 2019 at 23:20

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  4. StopCountingLikes on 15. June 2019 at 23:20

    Someone needs to point out that KuCoin has taken these referrals away before. Only a short 2 years ago they had offered a similar thing, made all indications that the commission program would be a feature, but removed that feature at their discretion.

    Now I like KuCoin. I’m not trying to insult them. But when a company starts a program they had in the past and says it will never take those rewards away but also reserve the right to change the features at any time, users should be reminded of their actions in the past.

    I am that reminder. Beep bop beep boop.


  5. pachatc on 15. June 2019 at 23:20

    How does this program differ from the existing referral program?

    Will affiliates be given a different referral code to use? i.e. how do they refer and how is it tracked?