On tik Tok there was this video where you had to type a bunch of keywords into the trust wallet and supposedly it gives you money. It worked and gave me $3400 TRC20 and I’m wondering if I should pursue trying to withdraw it and all because you need money (Tron) tokens to send it to Binance by the tron server and try to put it in my bank accounts would love to hear your thoughts guys

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  1. ZaynabKazmi on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    Don’t do it. It’s a known scam. The moment you’ll deposit any funds to cover the gas on that wallet it’ll be immediately sent to the another address within a second.


  2. Marc4770 on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    There is no such thing as free money


  3. theultimateusername on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    Soon as u deposit the gas fees they get rerouted thru a smart contract to another wallet. You’ll wonder why the funds you sent aren’t there and you’ll try again. Again, no money. The smart contract is programmed to keep doing that.

    Tons of scams that you probably don’t understand the backend of, and if they seem too good to be true, they probably aren’t.

    Another example is NFT’s that get sent to your Opensea account for free, and they already have a decent floor price. When you try to sell them, the smart contact you sign allows the hacker access to drain your whole wallet.

    Tons of others out there. The chance that you’re actually getting free money is 0.000001%


  4. [deleted] on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    This is why TikTok needs to ban Crypto related videos because kids see dumb shit like this then just go for it, that could also be stolen funds and by taking it you have now potentially committed a crime


  5. DankCryptography on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    Stop and use that small brain of yours just for a second….


  6. Internal-Library9073 on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    It is not uncommon for scammers to use social media platforms like TikTok to promote fraudulent schemes. It is highly likely that the supposed cryptocurrency you received is not legitimate and attempting to withdraw it could result in further losses.
    It is important to be cautious when encountering offers or opportunities to receive free cryptocurrency, especially if they seem too good to be true. It is always a good idea to do your own research and exercise due diligence before engaging with any unfamiliar cryptocurrency projects or services.
    I would recommend not attempting to withdraw or otherwise use the supposed cryptocurrency you received, as it could potentially lead to financial losses. Instead, it would be best to delete the wallet and move on.


  7. Tall_Run_2814 on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    Your wallet is compromised. Just think about it…why would a stranger give you $3400 for free??


  8. darkjediii on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    Its a bot that will snipe any funds that goes into it without letting you pull any out.


  9. JustSayin_thatuknow on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    When we try so much to make money in a honest way..and then we see everyday this kind of stories of people scamming and becoming rich while the victims become more poor than ever. When will people learn “no one gives anyone anything for free”


  10. UselessProvocation76 on 8. February 2024 at 13:08

    It’s a known scam, no such thing as free money