So this was my first attempt at signing up with a crypto exchange. I jumped through all the stupid verification hoops. Finally got the point where I was ready to buy some BTC with my card. I accidentally put in the wrong card number. Brain derps and I try again. . Said something along the lines of *’Your account may be at risk and deposit function has been temporarily suspended. You may click below link and submit appeal document or check audit state on*

Spent like 2 hours in support chat only to be told I’m permanently banned from using fiat to buy crypto. Binance your algorithm watch dogs are over tunned by orders of magnitude… I can’t even [💀](

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 30. May 2024 at 4:38

    Hello, thanks for bringing this to us. We would like to check the issue details, therefore, could you please provide your case ID of the chat? ^CP


  2. apetrou94 on 30. May 2024 at 4:38

    You can buy BTC using peer to peer trading on Agoradesk