We have seen numerous complaints in the past several months about KCS bonus distribution not working as expected, missing days, silence from the KuCoin team, numerous promises about fixes which didn’t meet the expectations, but finally it seems to be working fine and systems are nicely scaled up to handle growing user base and volume. Credit where it’s due! Comment/upvote if you agree, Comment/downvote if you disagree!

PS: Not talking about referral bonus, GAS distribution

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  1. vanfly on 6. June 2018 at 14:30

    Yes it’s working as intended now, receiving every day ALL tokens at approx the same time. Very happy as it now allows me to liquidate all the crap I don’t want and build positions using the bonus as intended.

    Gas also seems fixed and working as intended.

    I think the fact things took so many months to fix was a number of things.

    1. Moving the team to Singapore

    2. Unexpected growth, that they did not factor in at all

    3. Numerous other problems compounding and receiving priority


  2. vels13 on 6. June 2018 at 14:30

    The fact that it took so many months to resolve does not leave me with a good feeling about how this exchange was architected and doubtful they’ll ever be able to scale to a large volume exchange.