I am considering selling some of my other positions into more KCS to lock up a bit more before the event is closed. Unfortunately I do not have enough funds to purchase 1000+ coins (to qualify for the Spotlight Airdrops) but have just about enough to get another 500 or so.

My question to Kucoin is this:

To qualify for the Kucoin Spotlight Free Airdrops, do I have to make a deposit of 1000+ KCS at once, or will my 522 + another 500 on another day qualify? It’s not totally clear from the info on the website and before I sell some other bags to top up my KCS to 1000+, I would appreciate clarification on this.

From the website: ***”In addition to the above benefits, users who have locked more than 1000 KCS will receive the next round of KuCoin Spotlight free airdrops. Please pay attention to the later announcements for specific rules.”***

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. kentli35 on 8. August 2019 at 0:17

    Your lockup amount will be accumulated:)


  2. CurrensKruptos on 8. August 2019 at 0:17

    Hello there! If you have more than 1000 KCS in TOTAL during the KCS lockup program period you will be qualified for the next round of KuCoin Spotlight free airdrop. Further information about the rules for the upcoming Spotlight project will be released soon, please stay tuned for more updates.