Kucard announced some very good changes on the announcement page about the Kucard. For example up to 4,7% cashback, but also gift cards and access to airport lounges. The announcement was done on this page:


These changes should take effect at the end of March or beginning of April. But there are not a lot of details on the announcement page. The conditions for the cashback is not clear. What does “up to” mean? Does it depends on the crypto that is choosen for cashback or does it depend on the trading volume? It found this video with a good explanation about the Kucard, but there also the conditions for the cashback are not mentioned:


For new Kucard users there is also a promotion for 2% cashback, but also for this promotion I am missing the details and conditions.

Does anyone has any experience with the Kucard? Does anybody know more details?

At the moment I mainly use the Plutus card, but I am looking for an alternative because Plutus keeps on changing their subscription plans and conditions.


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  1. DDeWitter on 10. February 2024 at 15:57

    Cashback in BTC or Ethereum would be very nice. Problem with cashback from other cards is that you receive it in a coin which keeps on dropping (Plutus / Hi Dollar).