**KuCoin in Dubai for the Prestigious TOKEN 2049 as Title Partner!** 🇦🇪

Brace yourselves for a crypto event like no other. Only a few weeks until we make history! 🚀

Anticipate further announcements about this. Looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. Life_Temporary on 5. April 2024 at 3:00

    Wish i could come i events like this.


  2. Great-Spoon on 5. April 2024 at 3:00

    Looking forward for bigger news after this big event!


  3. Sizododayladyyu on 5. April 2024 at 3:00

    This is going to be an interesting event. PEAQ is also bringing together DePINs, investors, exchanges, media, DePIN users, and enthusiasts on April 18th for #DePIN2049.