Hello everyone!

If you don’t know how to lose $ 25,000, bring them to the KuCoin exchange

The nerves can no longer stand working with the support.


My story:

I received two deposits back in October 2021

100 STX: [https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0xd60b3e64f5228a3a4c8748a7596a6cc28f7d197857361436eb0bec82cc406605?chain=mainnet](https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0xd60b3e64f5228a3a4c8748a7596a6cc28f7d197857361436eb0bec82cc406605?chain=mainnet)

5000 STX: [https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0x73ee9f3b8ecf022686f0f0fddc79411b3535cf1530f2972eff642d4df87171fb?chain=mainnet](https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0x73ee9f3b8ecf022686f0f0fddc79411b3535cf1530f2972eff642d4df87171fb?chain=mainnet)

This money was stolen from Arkadiko and they announced it on October 28 ([https://arkadikofinance.medium.com/arkadiko-swap-post-mortem-f38cef95ff28](https://arkadikofinance.medium.com/arkadiko-swap-post-mortem-f38cef95ff28)), but these transactions came to us on October 27. We could not know that this money was stolen.

There was also another deposit:

208,961 STX: [https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0xab4c4164b8f548a78b049a457fd4b25da2b58dacc0344d6118dbb3f45015eb97?chain=mainnet](https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0xab4c4164b8f548a78b049a457fd4b25da2b58dacc0344d6118dbb3f45015eb97?chain=mainnet)

Arkadiko believes that since all the coins were sent to the same deposit address on KuCoin, they all came to us. BUT for the last amount 208 961 STX – this is the address of KuCoin’s deposit, and not our account personally (important) our MEMO is not indicated in this transaction. Explorer clearly shows that the money was sent to the same deposit address and this is indeed the deposit address of the KuCoin platform, but the MEMO is not specified, which means that the money was not deposited to us.


My account is blocked after that, support does not respond to anything sensible.


Once again: Before the news of the theft, I received 5100 out of 208 961 STX, other part of coins were sent to the address of the exchange without specifying a MEMO (not for me). The exchange considered that all 208 961 STX were sent to me and based on this (without understanding) blocked all funds on my account at all.


If the exchange behaves like this and goes into ignore, then this is a scam exchange and you can not work with it in any case!


I strongly recommend everyone not to use this exchange because anyone can get under such a distribution for some incomprehensible translation that has nothing to do with it at all! The disgusting work of support, which can only send the usual template phrases and can not help at all!


KuCoin is scammers and cheaters, never create accounts or use on the KuCoin!

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  1. CuriousUniversity669 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    I have opened a ticket for more than a month, for a “completed” COTI withdrawal but that the funds have never arrived and the txhash is non-existent on the blockchain. The support continues to answer me to be patient, for over a month! Ticket: 1564978 (COTI withdrawal)


  2. sdmikecfc on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    So you received stolen tokens and you’re upset they were frozen? How is Kucoin a scam for this. “I didn’t know they were stolen” is a strange excuse. How did you manage to just get “sent” stolen tokens?


  3. ActualWheel6703 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    Money was sent with no Memo. While KuCoin should help, the fault doesn’t like at their door.

    Was the money stolen from you?


  4. seano404 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    agreed – stay away


  5. PPE_USA on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    I am in the same situation I have two tickets opened for a number of days and I uploaded all my PII and videos to verify I am a real person, please support! I’d greatly appreciate it if you let my withdrawal proceed. Ticket #1649434 and #16309070. Thank you! @kucoin_moderator


  6. Hassona218 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    Support KuCion here advice me to write in chat, but when I wrote in chat – NONE!

    They ignore me. Again and again.

    disgusting client service!



  7. Mundane_Aioli_9091 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    Kucoin has been super helpful to me in the past, and I enjoy the platform.


  8. Hassona218 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    Few days passed,and all information that Kucoin gave to me,that is just another ticket.
    I see people with similar problems, and support just ignoring them


  9. Hassona218 on 1. April 2022 at 12:11

    Guys,please beware of Kucoin
    They are not responde. It is third chat,they don’t help and now they link for support ignore me.