At KuCoin Crypto Exchange, we’d like to provide you with a continuous, stable, and secure trading experience, but sometimes system updates or maintenance is inevitable. In this post, we will summarize all the related info so that you can easily manage to stay up to date with KuCoin’s services status.

**System Adjustment & Upgrade**

KuCoin Will Merge the PEPEDOWN and NEAR3S Leverage Tokens – [Announcement](

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  1. AggravatingCheek3725 on 29. March 2024 at 2:36

    ETN withdrawal is still down. 28th is the last day. What do I do? 


  2. [deleted] on 29. March 2024 at 2:36

    What about xno deposit and withdraw


  3. [deleted] on 29. March 2024 at 2:36

    They have been down for over a week now