Since they where irresponsible with the security of their site our coins have been on hold for weeks. Because of that some of our investments have lost value. Under normal circumstances we would have liquidated those coins. My coins along with other have been in limbo for weeks and are unable to trade them. Kucoin has their own token, I feel it would be the right thing to do to compensate people affected by the hack for the amount their token loss while being frozen. If you ever unfreeze my coins they will and are worth a lot less than they where almost a month ago when you froze them. I was sending them to your exchange to sell them. If I was able to sell them I would have a lot more money

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  1. kucoin_moderator on 16. October 2020 at 13:31

    Thank you for the feedback! I will forward this to the team.


  2. loveheronlyher on 16. October 2020 at 13:31

    Isn’t that trading is still open while the deposit/withdrawal is closed? We are making money on exchanges by trading and not by holding.