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  1. pompousUS on 19. March 2024 at 2:10

    Is there a phone number for customer support ?

    20 emails sent and 20 auto emails received with Zero support

     ticket 3559443


  2. YingDomo04 on 19. March 2024 at 2:10

    I deposited btc from revolut to my Kucoin account, I accidentally didn’t send enough (Half the min, since I am new to kucoin, I just wanted to see if I put in the right address), can I make up the min by sending the other half? I tried that and my address does indicate that the assets arrived, however my kucoin account shows that I have 0.00 assets


  3. [deleted] on 19. March 2024 at 2:10



  4. [deleted] on 19. March 2024 at 2:10



  5. [deleted] on 19. March 2024 at 2:10



  6. SmilePuzzleheaded732 on 19. March 2024 at 2:10

    What does the advanced trade mentioned in the reward hub exactly mean ?


  7. Cryptorockettt on 19. March 2024 at 2:10

    Casenumber:3660276. You have blocked my withdrawal for four days now blocking my funds! I was KYC and you let me deposit my VET and trade but now won’t let me deposit my fund! Give me backkkk my money!


  8. cryptomusicgirl on 19. March 2024 at 2:10

    Customer support finally got in touch. Thank you. They asked for the same video I have already supplied 5 times! It’s been 4 weeks. Ticket 3575415. Thanks