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  1. Eng8686 on 26. November 2023 at 0:49


    **This is the story of my 1.6 BTC that Kucoin has been holding as hostage for a whole year now.**

    My Kucoin account has been freezed without any reason one year ago, with my 1.6 BTC in it.

    They did not provide any information why they freeze my account, or why they are not reactivating it back.

    **I have sent many posts to here, I am sharing my original post’s link at the and in order to prove that this nonsense process has been going on for a year.Kucoin freezed my account exactly 1 ( one ) year ago without any explanation,** I have been writing to here in order to get some response from them . Since , I have been writing every weeks thread , they even report me as Spam to Reddit , to silence me from here too.

    **I lost almost all of my hope to get any decent response from them, I am writing this to warn you about this Exchange once I trusted with my hard earned money.**

    It has been one year now, they have not provided me any reason, they have not come to a decision about my account too. I have been sending emails almost everyday , and all I get is the automated emails , **I guess I have more than 300 automated emails in my inbox now.**

    the only response about my account that I get from Kucoin is such below. I have hundreds of them.

    *Dear Valued KuCoin User,*

    *Thank you for reaching out to KuCoin Customer Support. I appreciate your patience as we look into this matter. We’re currently investigating the issue and will update you as soon as we have more information. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your understanding. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!*

    *Kind regards,*

    *KuCoin Customer Care and Support Team*


    **I want everyone to be aware of their method, since they cannot come up with a single reason to suspend my account, they just keep it closed without any reason . So , I have nothing to do but wait for undefined time, for now it has been one year.**

    They just say that relevant team will check it , I am waiting for them to check for a year now.When they suspend my account they asked three things to complete , which I completed and send them in couple of hours.

    *(1) Please go to “KYC verification”–“Individual/Institutional Account Verification ” to complete the KYC Verification.(2) Please fill in Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire(3) Please provide your bill address or bank account statement record as well.Finally,*

    u/kucoin_official u/kucoin_moderator I hope you could facilitate this process, I cannot understand how Kucoin threats its users in such manner. Its my hard earned money as yours.

    Time proof of the issue ,[](

    Thanks for reading.

    My original ticket number is Ticket was 2174045 ,

    My ticket number is changed in the way to 3106220


  2. Leather_Bath_8954 on 26. November 2023 at 0:49

    Hi there.

    It’s been days.

    Getting bot messages from support. Last time someone talked to me, he told me to check with my bank when the issue comes from KuCoin’s transfer rejected using Clear Junction.

    Below is the full story:

    Created my account a couple of weeks week ago. Made a first small deposit in Fiat to test the exchange: all went well.

    Did a second deposit, a bit larger (600€) a few days later. Exact same procedure and source bank.

    Source bank: Revolut / Casual Bank transfer

    Then it started. The funds never made it in. After a short investigation (and contacting KuCoin support), I found out this:

    “KuCoin bank transfer is under updates, no deposit made this way can succeed”

    Great. Money refused by KuCoin and sent back to Revolut. That’s where it gets spicy…

    The transfer back from KuCoin to Revolut was made (by KuCoin) using their “Clear Junction Limited” Bank Account. Which they say that we, customer, should not use to send money. Indeed, we should use their UAB Eurlita account.

    Thing is: Revolut rejected the funds too

    Okay. So the funds were back to Clear Junction Limited, where we’re not supposed to send money. All this because KuCoin bank transfer was processing updates

    Here I am.

    Sending requests to KuCoin support everyday

    Of course, I only get polite answers telling me to contact my bank while the money is on KuCoin’s Clear Junction bank account…

    Any help would be welcomed



  3. [deleted] on 26. November 2023 at 0:49



  4. Huge_Exchange_8 on 26. November 2023 at 0:49

    my kucoin acc used to belong to my dad.. he passed away 2 years ago and a few days ago I added some funds to do some trading and while withdrawing it said I needed 2fa authenticator which I don’t have what should I do? I’m aware of the trading pass and have mail access