Laika AI (LKI) on BurningDrop will go live in 1 Day!


✍️Share with us if you have any suggestions/comments for the BurningDrop. Thank you very much for your support!

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  1. MidnightChaooss on 4. June 2024 at 8:54

    Laika AI is building the on-chain data layer for AI and I’m bullish. Staking my KCS tomorrow for LKI !


  2. Eyecatchyyyy on 4. June 2024 at 8:54

    Laika AI is offering some serious tools for better analysis and security. Will join this one…


  3. _SilverStatus on 4. June 2024 at 8:54

    Ready for LKI!!! Hope to get it fast on the burningdrop