Hi everyone!

I recently made a KuCoin account and am interested in the lending aspect of the platform.

One question I have for people is what has been some upsides/downsides on lending your coins with the 7,14, and 28 day terms?

Is having the auto-lend feature on, more beneficial if an order has been executed/settled immediately?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Ace479 on 23. April 2022 at 12:41

    Let me guess your looking at the USDT rates. I have not checked these rates since the hay day several months ago when they were hitting 40 to 60 percent apy. I see now there in range of 8 to 10 percent for 7 days. 14 days a little higher.

    I checked USDC which is much safer is around the 6% mark

    What your really gambling on is not the rates but USDT stable coin. If you do any search you will find the risks of USDT. I did the same thing several months ago so you have to be aware of the risks. But I was pulling in 40 to 60 percent apy.

    My advise on this is keep it on the 7 days and use auto reinvest. Set the auto reivest at the lowest apy that you are willing to accept. The reason for 7 days only is these rates change alot and you dont want to be locked into 28 days when the rates have gone up dramatically. Plus its rare that borrowers keep the loan for that long.

    Heres another reason I only used the 7 day rate. Go to the lending page and you click on the 7 days rate for USDT. Now watch the top number on the right side. Do you see that number moving frequently? Now go to the 14 and 28 days for USDT. That top right number rarely moves! It is much slower on filling orders.

    Also if you moving off Kucoin you dont want to be moving usdc or usdt as they charge 35 transfer fees. I would convert it into LTC and ramp off.

    Just a note, I just checked the LTC rates for 7days and they are paying 5 to 6% apy which is a great rate.

    Also keep an eye out for the Kucoin EARN its currently paying 7.71% flex rate with no lock ups.

    These rates look good above, but let me tell you that I have seen the lending rates for USDT as low as less than 1 percent for 7 day period when there is no demand for borrowing. the rates are constantly changing