My tokens are being held by a liquidity pool I’m on and they’re claiming that Binance froze their assets to do an audit. Nobody can get their coins. How can I get more info about this audit?

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 23. May 2024 at 4:04

    Hey there.
    Please, kindly let us check the issue in a private chat and possible reasons that could cause this.
    Here’s the link to start a new chat with our team: [](


  2. SnareSpectre on 23. May 2024 at 4:04

    Did you ever hear back from Binance on this? I’m assuming you’re in the same liquidity pool I’m in (MLP). I still can’t wrap my head around how it’s okay for an exchange to freeze funds for 3 months, or why they’d even want to do that for so long.