Just got a reply from Kucoin support as follows:

Hi , KuCoin users, thanks for your support,apologize for my late reply,due to our live traders has doubled in just 24 hours,leads to we can’t reply to your email in time. Has your problem been solved?if it has been solved,please don’t reply,if not,please read the follow information in detail.

1.lost 2 step verification(2fa doesn’t work) 2. Problems with deposit and withdrawal ERC-20 tokens 3. Deposit BTC has not received(correct address) 4. Sign up has not received verification email 5. Transferred tokens to a wrong address 6. Promotion on kucoin

lost 2 step verification(2fa doesn’t work)

we can help you unbind the 2FA enabled,You need send a email to support@kucoin.com by your register e-mail and provide the following information so that we can verify you identity: 1. Is there any coins/tokens in your account? If so, what is the balance? 2. When was your account registered? 3. Do you have a trade record in your account? If so, please explain. 4. Please provide your passport home information by photo. 5. I promise that XXX@XXX.com is registered and used at www.kucoin.com. I hereby voluntarily apply for this account to unbind Google two steps on the Kucoin platform, and I am willing to take all the corresponding legal responsibilities. We will review your information and please try to log in after 5 days.

if you have already sent a verification email more than 5 days,please try to log in now,if it still can’t worked,please contact me ASAP.

Problems with deposit and withdrawal ERC-20 tokens

The Ethernet network is very congested now and making the transfer slow and transaction stuck in “processing” or “succeed” but can’t see hash. plz rest assured, the transaction is queuing, they will be sent out one by one. plz be patient and the coins will be sent out later.your assets are safe,don’t worry. In addition,you can’t transfer tokens from kucoin to another account on kucoin,otherwise,your token will be stuck.If you’ve already done it,please give me your register email and recipient address ,and provide a new correct address not on kucoin,attach a screenshot of your withdrawal records,I will check for you.please don’t do that any more.

Deposit BTC has not received(correct address) Don’t worry about it,your assets are safe,your tokens have been in blockchain to be confirmed, The deposit transaction will be automatic, and the Bitcoin transfer will need to be confirmed by the entire Bitcoin network, and your Bitcoin will be automatically deposited to your account after 6 confirmation..please check BTC deposit records later. Sign up has not received verification email 1. It’s possible that your network is delay,I suggest you check your mailbox later.The activating email is valid for 12 hours. 2. Please try it a few times and check if the email is in the junk mail box.Please clear your email cache. 3. please add no- reply@mail.kucoin.com to the white list and try it again.if still can’t,please contact us by support-chat in 9:00~18:0 (UTC+8) ,we will give you a link manually. Kucoin bonus. we have upgrade the KCS bonus system some days before. Now user could not get their payout daily if they haven’t bound the Google 2FA. So if you meet the issue, please bind your Google 2FA first. we will make a unified payment to users for kcs bonus, please rest assured, just wait for the bonus to arrive at your account. https://news.kucoin.com/en/?s=BONUS

6.Transferred tokens to a wrong address Please check whether the addresses of these two sorts of tokens are the same.,if they have the same address,ur tokens will be arrived safely,if their wallet addresses are different,we can do nothing.the currency address only for the currency into the corresponding assets, if transferred to other assets, recharge will not be able to retrieve, for example: Bitcoin wallet address only for bitcoin, if transferred to ETH or other non-bit The currency of the assets, the recharge will not be recovered.

Promotion on kucoin https://news.kucoin.com/en/?s=PROMOTION

If you have encountered one of the above problems, we can help you solve it. Please reply ASAP with the title and the problem description, the more simple and clear the better, so that we can solve it for you in time.Thanks for your support and patience.

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