I need help, huobi support is useless until now. Several attempts to the chat support (chinese only) are pointless, the
agent leaves the chat.
Emailed to support@huobi.pro this morning (10hrs ago) with basically the following, but no answer yet:

When I registered my account, I enabled my google 2 factor authentification, but I did not write down my private key.
I went to my settings, in order to turn it off and re-enable it, so I can save my private key this time…
There I’ve been given the choice between turn off or modify, and I did choose modify.
In my phone app, I scanned the qrCode, but nothing happened, or I did not notice, but now I can not login again, because it always says that the QrCode is bad.
I suppose there is no way to change things from the outside, and I expect that, but how could I make things move from huobi?

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