Here’s the full story

On the day of 31st 2022, my trust wallet was hacked and all the funds(12000$) were transferred from my wallet to the hacker’s wallet and some minutes later Hacker transferred those funds to his binance account.

By seeing this series of transactions, I contacted binance support to notify them about this and they immediately locked that account of the hacker so he/she can’t move funds from that account.

Binance support told me to file an actual case on by a local police station inspector to further investigate this case.

Today, I filed a complaint to the crime branch of my city and they raised a ticket for ‘theft’ and ‘freeze assets and account ‘ till the investigation lasts. Now binance will respond through that portal and will deal with authority.

I just want to know what are the chances that I get my funds back since I am doing everything binance is asking me to.
They might ask about the source of every dollar on the trust wallet and I have it all but don’t know if I will get my funds back or not.

If someone can help then please do.

PS- I dont know how the hack happened; never clicked nor connected to anything; phrase might be compromised as whole but idk

Thanks for reading.

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  1. xyadixs on 29. March 2024 at 23:04

    It all depends from your local authority and the court. In order to release some funds binance will need a court letter that they have to do it.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 29. March 2024 at 23:04

    Hi there, thanks for your post.
    First of all, we can’t offer anything as each case is unique, though Binance is here to support you as much as we could, we take our compliance obligations very seriously. We are actively keeping abreast of changing policies, rules and laws in this new space.
    Binance is ready to assist regulators from around the world and together find the optimal way to set a fair playing field – consumer protection is important to all of us. We want to create a sustainable ecosystem around blockchain technology.

    Secondly, please, share your Case ID with our team, so we could check it for any details on our side and be aware of your case. Though please, note that due to legal obligations, you would need to request updates on your case through the law enforcement agency that submitted a request on our dedicated platform.



  3. Icy_Hope_365 on 29. March 2024 at 23:04

    How is your case going on? Did u get your fund back?