hi, on January 2nd NFT were distributed to my spot wallet. its got no value in usd or any pther fiat or crypto currency and its not tradable. what is it and what do i do with it. i can withdraw it, but don’t know to where and why i would distribute it.

the NFT is called NFT and its logo is a black circle with seems to be face of a woman in it.

i probably reveived it through one of the deposit sweepstakes.

any idea what it is?

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 4. February 2024 at 12:57

    Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us on Reddit. You are probably mentioning about APENFT (NFT) coin. This coin currently not listed on Binance because of that you can’t find in the Binance market and sell. But if you want you can withdraw it to another listing platforms. This crypto you have may be reflected in your account by airdrop. You can get these airdrops by keeping some cryptocurrencies in your wallet. For example the last APENFT airdrop completed, you may find details in our announcements. [https://www.binance.com/en-NZ/support/announcement/crypto-airdrop?c=128&navId=128](https://www.binance.com/en-NZ/support/announcement/crypto-airdrop?c=128&navId=128) ^KO


  2. cryptoboycz on 4. February 2024 at 12:57

    I received the same, the question should be why is Binance airdropping users shitty tokens that have zero value. If you want to reward users at least reward them in a token or currency that has some value. This is basically spamming people with worthless shit.


  3. skivvey on 4. February 2024 at 12:57

    Leave it don’t interact with it

    Create a new wallet transfer your funds to it.

    If you interact with it you will likely activate code that will give your wallets private key away and intern your crypto will be stolen