Dear users,

With the time of Bitcoin Cash begins to be mined approaches, our plans for BCC asset and the upcoming BCC trading are as follows:

1. Huobi ( take a snapshot of your bitcoin balance (Both available and frozen) on Huobi (Both and at 20:20, August 1, 2017(GMT+8) and give away an equal amount of BCC to your account. You can login your account with your account and password.
2. BCC/BTC trading will start after Huobi completes BCC giveaway and the first block of BCC is generated.
3. If the market price is highly volatile during the first hour after BCC trading starts, Huobi will consider not outputting the first hour market chart 24hrs after BCC trading starts for better user experience. You can find your trading records of the first hour at History orders.
4. Since BCC is a new blockchain asset, the price maybe highly volatile after the first few hours after BCC trading starts. Please give considerable thought according to your own conditions to decide whether to participate BCC trading. 

Any questions, please contact 4000-600-888.

August 1,2017

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