I generally use the mobile app to place and cancel orders whilst using desktop tradingview website for TA.

My phone died, so I had to use the binance Exchange website to cancel the order,. I received the “order deleted” notification to confirm the cancellation of the order. The order disappeared from my order book. Sorted! Or so I thought.

I wake up this morning with my fully charged phone and load up the binance mobile app. Well, it turns out my order didn’t actually cancel at all, and filled 100% later on in the evening whilst I was asleep.

I would love to use the binance standalone app, which is more reliable apparently but I’m on a Chromebook so it’s not an option. Is there anyway I can make a complaint regarding this?

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  1. symbiotic_bnb on 9. September 2019 at 0:10

    Open a support ticket so that we can review. If it’s a display issue, at least we may be able to prevent it from happening again. Can provide the ticket number here.


  2. useemrlymad on 9. September 2019 at 0:10

    always make sure to logout properly