Our team has four team members based in Europe, 27-39 yrs old.

We are doing the trading bot from the scratch based on strategy related to momentum and fractal geometry. I was manually trading that strategy for 3 or more years and made it unique.

Live trader (the bot) is already built, but it requires more development.

Backtrader is 90% completed.

Results are promising and that is what keep us pushing the project.

All team members share the source code as our reward.

We decided to acquire 1 or 2 team members.

Please feel free to approach me,


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  1. genesis_crazy_one on 27. May 2022 at 13:08

    I would be interested , I’ll send you dm


  2. aimendezl on 27. May 2022 at 13:08

    Sent you a DM