If I set up KYC, I am a non-Ontario citizen with Canadian passport and drivers license, and even have a bank account in Canada, but use a good/solid VPN to access Binance in the US – are there any repercussions? Most of the problems I read about VPN are people who are non-KYC, etc

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  1. [deleted] on 17. April 2024 at 0:31

    Wouldn’t hold your breath on a response but I opened up binance in Seattle one time and another time on a cruise ship in alaska. Had no issues when I got back to Canada. That being said, if I was in your position I’d probably just use Bybit or Okx because of all the scary stories I’ve read on here.


  2. Sjcm83 on 17. April 2024 at 0:31

    You could use VPN, any location ( if you have paper) KYC going well.
    I am living in US, I am from Venezuela, I have Binance account and Binance us. Works perfect . I use VPN to log in Binance global.


  3. Crypto4Canadians on 17. April 2024 at 0:31

    Out of curiosity, doesn’t Binance already offer futures trading to provinces outside of Ontario? Also, thought you had to be a US Citizen to use Binance US?