Hello everyone,

I have been trading some tokens on Binance DEX (ERC-20 –> BEP-20 swap done and all that). Now that I sold my coins, I have BNB on Binance DEX.

**Can I send this BNB directly to my Binance BNB wallet?** I have tried to search online but I cannot find any information on this. **Do I have to swap the DEX BNB tokens somehow or are they on the same chain as the Binance BNB tokens?**

Thanks in advance!

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  1. tqfoley on 16. August 2019 at 23:43

    I am assuming you converted your BNB ERC-20 to BNB BEP-20 by depositing on binance.com then you sent to some BEP-20 address. Maybe you didn’t realize the swap was automatic. The BNB BEP-20 tokens on binance.org DEX and binance.com are the same