It is my understanding that KuCoin has been pushing hard to establish itself as a credible exchange, and I understand that this is a challenge when the only provided support is via email (with both chat support and all other social media support representatives only being able to “escalate” email support tickets).

That being said, does KuCoin truly think it can accomplish this goal while drawing out open tickets for 4+ months—with over 80% of the responses being inapplicable, pseudo auto-responses—all to avoid accountability for an issue KuCoin has already acknowledged (more than once)? Does the company not think prospective customers not take notice of these issues? People are entrusting their hard-earned money with you, on your exchange. I hold the expectation of professionalism for KuCoin that I would with any broker (as I would for any other cryptocurrency exchange). If KuCoin maintains this practice of willingly screwing over existing customers with the expectation that new customers will keep replacing those existing users, the company will eventually run out of new customers to fill that role. There is only so much of the user base that will maintain the opinion that they do not care if KuCoin screws over other users so long as they have not been harmed yet.

I simply do not understand this mentality. Why steal a dollar from a customer paying you thousands?

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