According to statistics from Ren & Heinrich, the effect of being listed on Binance will have a positive impact on the price of the coin/token from day one and persist for a long time since then.*📷*

Based on price data from CoinGecko of 26 cryptocurrencies listed on Binance over the past year and a half, the researchers show that in most cases, the token price always increases in the following days.*📷*

Specifically, compared to the price recorded at the time the Binance listing announcement was made:

\-Price increased by an average of 41% on the day of listing.

– The price increased on average 24% after 3 days since listing.

– The coin price is usually in the bullish zone for 22 days from the time of listing before falling again.

– The highest average increase in 30 days since the listing is 73%.

Some isolated cases such as Stargate Finance (STG) increased 152% on the first day of listing, while Lido (LDO) dropped nearly 29%.*📷*

Does anyone know what the conditions are for a coin to be listed on Binance?*📷* I’m curious how RBIF can get on Binance*📷*

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  1. Gloomy_Tennis_5768 on 23. February 2024 at 16:27

    It’s called fomo.