I can’t trade because in US. But with withdrawal fees of many of my tokens so high, I’ve just been keeping my coins there. Maybe at some point some of these coins will be cheaper to withdraw (or who know, support for US comes back).

Is this reasonable?

I’ve received some spam email that looked legit and mentioned KuCoin shutting down (or maybe only for US) that coins will be lost and to withdraw. I’ve assumed it is fishing and not real

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  1. Louise_Pendrake on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    Different coins charge different fees to withdraw or transfer.

    Cheapest and fastest to transfer is Stellar (XLM). You will pay pennies to move your funds.

    Litecoin (LTC) is also very cheap transfer fees but it’s very very slow.

    Convert to XLM then transfer and cash out.


  2. Icy_Effect_2277 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    I took all my stuff off in February. But I moved everything to cold storage.

    You are 100% talking a risk being a US user.

    I would hope kucoin would give notice if they ever stopped allowing US users to withdraw.

    I’ve heard nothing about US users ever being allowed back on Kucoin. In fact, MEXC is supposed to start kyc in June.

    If it was me I’d take them off kucoin soon but that’s up to you.


  3. BetterArachnid462 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    IMO you should withdraw immediately or you’ll run into problems


  4. Spot57 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    The moderator gave us notice in this forum on another thread they are giving us until October, but you should get them off, they asked us to remove them quite a while back. If you have to reverify it can take quite a while, it has to be done by individuals and it took me a couple of weeks. I don’t think your funds are at risk from them as long you comply, I know a few people with quite a bit on their platform that had no issues withdrawing their funds. You are more at risk or scrutiny from our own government , if you are using a vpn and have not complied, it would be best to do it as soon as possible.


  5. Kind-Security-3390 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31



  6. offkilter666 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    Get your coins out of KuCoin. They will delist them, give you minimal notice and then sell your assets off. There is a reason they are moving out of US based markets. They can’t meet tightening regulatory requirement needed to move to a safer market.


  7. Alexander-305 on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    Very risky. Check out r/blofin or r/bingx


  8. KIR_Finance on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    I’m assuming you’re referring to ERC20 tokens (Ethereum). I had this problem with USDT. I ended up sending it to my Coinbase wallet via the binance smart chain instead where the fee was way less. So my two cents would be to look into sending them on a cheaper chain to a wallet somewhere. If they shutdown KuCoin and you’ve left them there you become just another creditor in a long line of creditors where you’ll be lucky to recover half of what is there now.


  9. IrreplaceableGuy on 23. April 2024 at 4:31

    kucoin has one of the lowest CEX fees. but if you’re thinking about holding your assets, your funds are so safe. Just don’t forget to subscribe on their news channel to stay updated though