Are my tokens lost forever now?

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  1. Bucksaway03 on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

    They aren’t lost. They will be available when Binance gets its shit together


  2. Rez1009 on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

    It should turn up when fixed. Same thing happened to me with FTM. FTM network frequently goes down for ‘maintenance’ on BInance.


  3. babylonianalien on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

    I’m in the same situation.

    I don’t understand why Binance is suspending these networks so often.
    I’m an old customer, probably one of the first 1000 customers of this platform because I came from finex and registered right after Binance launched in 2017.
    Sadly, it really looks like the platform is not that serious anymore.

    Another e.g:
    Another issue I had was that they moved my residence country to North Macedonia right after they sent me my second Binance Card (this happened in January) to my address which is the same since I registered on the platform (definitely not Macedonia).
    I got warning messages that my account is going to be suspended for any kind of trades/withdrawals until I send an address proof. I’m never using VPNs or other means to change my IP location.
    Needless to say that my Binance account is fully verified (even with that draconic/jail type of face recording – which was really insulting) and I have traded on the platform tens of thousands of Bitcoins in volume in the past 5 years. I’m also having a strong history of withdrawals to my personal bank account since they launched the feature.

    I am a miner and trader since 2016. The source of funds is also extremely obvious.
    It’s sad what’s happening with the platform now.


  4. SecretaryImaginary44 on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

    Zoom out


  5. TheTinyWorkshop on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

    Algorand is another one that’s suspended. Would have been nice to have been told, I have funds that I can’t get access to. Just as well I don’t desperately need them.


  6. Holiday-Character398 on 6. April 2022 at 11:51

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