EDIT/UPDATE: @symbiotic_bnb managed to help with a quality support. finally I have received a human and not auto-massages that read what I was writing and what were my issues. he managed to work with me and solved them. I hope that they put him head-of-customer or support, if he is not already is.

Problem solved.

So this is what happen,I moved some altcoin (worth around 0.8btc total) into my binance account in order to get the latest hard-fork for this specific altcoin. as binance announced they will support the fork, it was easier to move it to there and withdraw back the update coins/chain (I don’t mind the fees).

When I tried to withdraw them back, I got this msg “your account is locked for suspicious activity” so in order to protect me, they blocked me. like some one hacked my account. in order to “release” my account, I need to perform lvl2 (ID’s, photos, videos of me etc).

Now here is the thing,I used binance simply because of it’s anonymity. I opened it in 2017 and haven’t used it much.

The thing that I don’t get is, how some one hacked my account if I own the passport, the 2FA auth, the email..

I asked in support please to unlock my account and I just want lvl1 as it was, I was keep getting automatic msgs about lvl2.

Then I said, to be reasonable and simply send back the coins to the same original address.. didn’t helped, I kept getting automatic msgs about lvl2.

Not only I cannot perform this lvl2 because in my country crypto is not allowed, but I will never send my personal information just to find out some one stole my identity few years later (like happen to my friend and he almost ended his own life because of that).

This is a sad moment for the crypto community as binance became so big that the “small users” are dealt like we are garbage. when we promoted this exchange all over discord, slack, irc, reddit, forums.. I wasted so much time telling people how great binance is and it is the future of exchanges, yet I just got screwed.

Here is a final point for those who will say “they have to, to confirm your ID”:

Let’s say someone one hacked my account and he now need to provide ID to unlock the account…

What’s preventing him from doing so? like, how on earth will Binance know if it is me or someone else (hacked) performing id verification ? they can’t.

This is a sad moment for me as I lost my most important set of collection, an altcoin that I support for 2 years and just wanted to upgrade them via Binance and I lost them.

This is all I had in crypto and now I have nothing.

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  1. symbiotic_bnb on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    We take security seriously and we have measures in place to ensure both our customers and ourselves are protected. You may need to comply with the request. Should review our Terms of Use.

    With that said, our risk management system is fairly advanced, but it is prone to an occasional false-positive. Ticket number?


  2. sweenothe11 on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    That sucks and all but you knew that was a possibility of happening, especially living in a country that doesn’t allow crypto. And all for a hardfork? With .8 btc it couldn’t have been worth that much. Stick to the dex my man.


  3. awengraf on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    You’ll also need to give a blood sample and some urine.


  4. victor_knight on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    The logic goes, if you’re one of the good guys, you’ll have no qualms handing over all your personal information to the “authorities”. If you’re reluctant, that means you’re probably a bad guy. It’s a new social form of justice to make law “enforcement” more manageable in an increasingly digital and crowded world.


  5. gotanitche on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    Just pulled all my funds from them yesterday. I have had numerous issues but the last one was the icing on the cake.

    They made an attempt to send some of my IOTA (to my wallet that I use alot) but it did not arrive. It showed up on tangle but never confirming.They claimed my Trinity IOTA wallet wasn’t secure…LOL. Then they locked incoming and outgoing IOTA transfers for several days for everyone. They ignored my ticket requests or just kept replying to be patient for at least 72 hours. I finally got it back after 3 1/2 days but they were really shitty in how they ignored me and put me off.

    Obviously it wasn’t MY wallet. It was something to do with them or they wouldn’t have shut down ALL deposits and withdraws but they they still told me the whole problem was the security of my wallet.

    I have had enough of their shit and the latest bullshit news where they were teaming up with Erick Zhang and making every attempt to steal info from Blocknet was my trigger.


  6. ureindanger on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    Binance is becoming a joke.


  7. silverlitecoin on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    Did u login in using a vpn or public wifi?


  8. master_etheridge on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    So if you won’t pass them your personal info they won’t unlock your account? Is there any other way it can be done without passing over your ID?


  9. Dmage22 on 21. April 2019 at 21:13

    exact same issue happened to me right now…. i haven’t logged in for a few months and just got locked when trying to move my funds of like 99.9 XPR ($30??)


  10. [deleted] on 21. April 2019 at 21:13