I was recently asked to submit proof for source of wealth and I uploaded my payslip which has been rejected. That’s my only source of income now and ever been. Not sure what binance expects ?

Also, very strangely the fiat and crypto limits have been increased to 2M USD and 8M USD respectively. That’s a ridiculous limit, and I never asked for it. Makes me think Binance messed up here, increasing the limits by themselves and now thinking my payslip is missing a few zeros ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone else seeing their limits go up automatically and then hit with the source of wealth proof request and rejection ?

Case ID #100727523

EDIT: Is Binance comparing the total deposits against a single months income from the payslip provided and rejecting them ? That would explain a lot of the rejections on reddit; albeit extremely shocking and tragic.

UPDATE (1 day later): I uploaded my payslip again, and the binance “specialist” said he has approved it now. But haven’t got a response yet about why it was rejected the first time or why my limits have gone up.



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  1. Guru-Guru- on 10. March 2023 at 22:30

    Binance want from me source of wealth declaration to. For an exchange is it not expectable. I send the money from bank account. My bank trust me but Binance not. It is no go. Donโ€™t send money to Binance. Your account will be blocked. I made the wealth verification 3 times, every time failed. I will close the Binance account.


  2. Blgxx on 10. March 2023 at 22:30

    Did you upload bank statements too?


  3. BinanceCSHelp on 10. March 2023 at 22:30

    Hello, as checked, you are already in conversation with our specialist. Kindly follow up from there if you need more support on the issue. Rest assured that our team will do our best to assist you.

    You can find the reason for Source of wealth rejected via email. If you cannot find it, you can mention it in chat and our specialist can provide it to you. You’re welcome to re-submit with all the documents requested for review. This is an important step towards our goal of global compliance and will help to enhance your account security. Thank you- JJ