Need advice from Binance/Monero experts

I can’t understand the issue I am facing – would appreciate any help or advice.

I’ve sent money from Binance exchange to Monero wallet
Monero wallet is: 84HfSjVDMChcZvhDvrACrC7uKAkp1cgGwKKd92X4dCfPjiQHhrVMx2NKx3km2x7RJ1iRd7mSsxLM43czPa9HvyQ3TLqoKWT

95 characters, starts with 8, all good

I got a confirmation from Binance with transaction ID: 87bca95dafe47f890de8b3978b64ab1501f078a80eb2ef21d6dff22b98702246

When I try to prove (using online tools) that this transaction exists- yes it does
But when I am trying to get proof that money went to the wallet above – online tools fail to confirm it. The receiver never received transaction either.

Anyone can suggest what may happen here and where could be my money?

How could it be that Binance provided me with transaction ID and key and recipient address but it all fails validation via ExploreMonero or other tools?


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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 28. March 2024 at 22:51

    Hi there, as per our checks with our team, your withdrawal is success on chain. Kindly try contact with the receiver platform for your transaction details as you shared with us. Thanks. ^KO