is a DeFi insurance protocol that allows third-party participants to speculate on the performance of underlying pegged assets depending on their performance histories, including BUSD, DAI,USDT and many other stable tokens. Invest in Caramel/Saltish Vault and Win 2x reward. Get 5160% APR on Stable Coins Farms!


Caramal has the taste of betting that is growing very rapidly in world of crypto and has a promising future particularly among masses who want gain financially stability ASAP We came up with a new idea for people who have shrinking options with low investment in the crytpo world Caramel is sweet and mellow and full of surprises for people who want to find aquick to get riches

**Join Presale 7th Feb 14:00 UTC:**[](

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# Long term return on Sugar Farms

**Earn 5160% APR in every Epoch (7 days)**

In order to maintain sustainability and future growth, we have introduced a Longterm Return Cycle (LRS) component which will award $Sugar token holders with continued return in perpetuity.

Each return cycle is 7 days in length and is referred to as an **EPOCH**.

First 12 months tokens allocation is 20% of total supply that is 80 millions in sugar tokens at 0.054% daily emission rate, no burning in the first 12 months.

Next 12-24 months we plan to burn 4% and distribute rest of the 16% tokens at 0.044% daily emission rate.

Then 24-36 months we have allocated 51,200,000 sugar tokens for the whole year at 0.033% daily emission rate, while remaining 7.2% will be burned .

Month 36-48 sugar farm pool reserved 40,960,000 tokens at 0.0275% daily emission rate and 9.76% tokens burned.

Lastly, 11.71% tokens burned and 32,760,000 injected in the farming pools for sustainable APR.

Note: 20% tokens vested for reward pool for the span of 5 years, tokens will be added to farms in every epoch (7 days)There are 260.7 EPOCH’s in 5 year.

SugarYield Farms Emission rate is deflationary and sustainable in practicality, every year reward dropped down 20% and tokens burned! Farms reward is structured for the next 5 years!

## Farms APR:

we have different farms like Caramel\_BUSD, Caramel\_USDT, Caramel\_DAI, Caramel\_BUSD | Saltish\_BUSD, Saltish\_USDT, Saltish\_DAI, Saltish\_BUSD. Emission rate for each farm is same but the APR is different. Here is the catch, our APR is not static it varies based on number of contributors. For instance if only one person stake his token then APR probably 1,298,000% but as long as contributors increase then APR may drop upto 5160%. Farm participants are inversely proportional to the pool size.

Vested tokens for every Epoch cycle:[](

# SugarYield Achievements

\*\*Dapp is live on testnet\*\*Mobile App Live on Play Store\*\*Solidproof KYC\*\*4 SC Audited by Solidproof\*\*CEX Listing\*Partnerships\*\* Binance Live AMA\*\*1% Buy – 2% Sell Fee \*\*Liquidity is locked for 10 years\*\*Strategic Partnerships\*\*5160% APR

## User Flows

## Deposit Period

Users can deposit into Caramel/Saltish vaults during the deposit period of the epoch. After the deposit, funds are locked for the duration of the epoch. The deposit period spans over the first 2 days of the Weekly epochs, and the first 7 days of the Monthly epochs. Note that depeg protection is only initiated after the deposit period ends. If a depeg event happens during the deposit period the vault will not strike.

## Oracle

Chainlink oracles are used to monitor pegged asset prices for each vault. The following are the feeds that will be used:

* [USDC Price feed](
* [USDT Price feed](
* [BUSD Price feed](

When the Chainlink oracle indicates that the strike price for a given vault has been hit, the epoch will end and vault will be closed. This will initiate a transfer of Sugar vault deposits to the Caramel vault.

## Protocol Fee

The protocol collects a 5% fee in the following scenarios:

* 5% of Hedge Vault deposits
* 5% of Risk Vault deposits upon a depeg event
* no fee is charged if peg is maintained

## Example

Consider the following example using $BUSD: A user or DAO who holds the majority of their risk-off portfolio in MIM can set aside some BNB to purchase a hedge against their BUSD exposure. Users pay a monthly or weekly premium to maintain the Caramel funds.

# Presale Detail:

**$Sugar Tokenomics:**

\*Total Supply – 20,000,000\*Available to Purchase on PinkSale Pre-Launch **-** 4,000,000\*Tokens for Liquidity **-** 2,280,000

**Token Breakdown -** 1,000,000 will be used for Core team funds(12 month linear vest). 4,000,000 vested in Sugar Farms reward for 5 long years 1% tokens will be unlocked after every 19 days and added to farms.

3,400,000 vested in SugarYield Treasury for 3 years. First unlock of vesting tokens in jan 2024 1% tokens will be unlocked after every 10 days for the next 3 years. Airdrop reward (320,000), Development funds (2,000,000), R&D Ecosystem (1,400,000), Marketing Funds (1,000,000), Advisory board (600,000)

**PinkSale Pre-Launch:**

**PinkSale Fair-Launch Price -** 1 BNB = 400,000 $Sugar as there is no hardcap so as long as more participates coming tokens against BNB respectively decreased.

**Soft Cap -** 10 BNB

**Hard Cap -** no limit (If softcap hit participants must have to wait for fairlaunch to ends then market will be initialized and listing on pancakeswap).

**Join Presale 7th Feb 14:00 UTC:**[](

**Download Mobile App:** [**\_yield**](

# The Beauty of Mathematics

Let’s assume our Fair Launch on[ PinkSale]( goes smoothly and our Hard Cap is reached with the starting supply of 4,000,000 Sugar tokens. With the effect of exponential compounding at the end of year (365 days); the Market Cap will go from $3,000,000 (3 Million) to $18,668,588,820! (18.6 Billion).

That is true, assuming the token price stays the same at initial market rate only. If we see high market demand from a lot of buyers, we could well see the market cap be a lot higher at EOY.

Nevertheless the math gives us an extremely high probability of $Sugar being in the Top 10.

# Conclusion

Sugaryield vaults offers hedge and speculation for pegged assets like USDT/BUSD/USDC and DAI. Participants in vaults can earn upto 2x reward based on their win or lose situation. Sugaryield vaults are audit by one of renowned audit firm SolidProof. Moreover, they have integrated chainlink price oracle to trigger price in case of deppeg. Protocol is safe, secure and sustainable. So what are you waiting for try your luck!

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