I am a regular trader at Huobi, buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing many different coins very frequently. I am never aware of the ANNUAL withdrawal limit that Huobi puts on user accounts until now. The problem is I dont know what the ANNUAL limit for each of my coin is, until Huobi says the withdrawal exceeds the yearly limit. Huobi only shows DAILY withdrawal limit on each withdrawal page. I dont know when I will reach the ANNUAL limit for each of my coin. This is totally not good for my business. I cannot accumulate coins at Huobi anymore because it is possible that I am not able to withdraw all of them due to  the ANNUAL withdrawal limit, which I DO NOT know in advance. What Huobi suggests is to change those coins to other currencies to withdraw, which is a very bad solution. By doing so, it will seriously affect my profit. If Huobi does not let users know their ANNUAL withdrawal limit, or find a better solution for users, my only solution is to withdraw all of my asset, and stay away from Huobi.

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