Case ID #100456850

I am trying to submit my source of wealth since 05.01.2023.

The process is ridiculous. Today is the 10.02.2023 and i am asked again to resubmit all of the info already given.

What happened so far:

I was selected to submit my source of wealth. And my Account got locked with all my assets it contained. Shouldnt be so bad right? I have nothing to hide and can account for every transaction of my deposit/withrawal/trading history since i have to pay taxes on the Money i generate through crypto.

So i think to myself, no problem ill just send them everything i have and then i can go on my way and continue trading. They have everything they need and I’m able to continue using my account again. So i give all of the info regarding my net worth. Everything I have to proove my networth. Just to then be told they also want to know about the source of funds. Or actually wanted to know about the source of funds from the beginning, but forgot to tell me? Maybe there was some misscommunication on both ends. So no problem i give them everything there is to possibly know about me.

I map out my entire operation with all of the documents i use to do my taxes. This kind of information is not even sent to my states tax departement (german IRS equivalent) if not specifically asked for, if you are selected for a deeper tax exam. I mark every relevant Transaction dating back for over 3 months and can account for 100% of deposits going in to Binance. That should probably be enough?

It is not. I sent more documents than my states tax departement ask for. I marked out everything for x Pages of documents. And gave a extra statement regarding every single transaction so that you can find the relevant things in the documents easier, since they are all in german. And it is still not enough. Today I am contacted by an agent who says he is working on my case and he asks why my salary payments are deducted from my account and not credited to it. I said that can not be and I checked every single line in my already submitted documents and found no transaction where I was deducted from my work and not credited. I thought about how they could think that and found out that if you use different Day/Night screen settings, the purple and blue colors i used to mark the transactions, can look alike. The agent asks me if I can produce pay slips from my work extra for him to look at. At this point I’m thinking we can finally get this resolved as over a month has passed, but I finally speak to an agent who is directly involved with my case ([this guy]( but he cant be contacted for no reason). So i try to explain that in fact there are no such transactions on any form i submitted and point out the purple and blue difference. Purple is for allowance and salaray and blue is for outgoing transactions. So completely different things ([here is the difference]( And send him payslips dating back for 4 months. After i sent the message, I instantly get sent into another waiting que “to be connected to a CS representative”. And now I’m being told i should just resubmit all documents again and hope for a different outcome. This has to be a joke. Because of a mistake the person checking the documents made I will have to proceed to stay in limbo forever?

Is the process even beatable? Can i ever complete the source of wealth? The submission of documents takes 20-25 days in average. Just to get told that the documents are not enough. Binance is asking more documents from me than my states IRS which I all provide just to say its not enough every single time. What are we even looking for here? I understand that they want to keep up with EU crypto regulations but i provide even more documents to Binance, than the most overregulated country in the world asks from me (Germany) and it is still not enough.

I spent an almost infinite ammount of hours in waiting ques like [this one]( Once the timer hits 6Hours it just resets and you get an automated answer that it will take longer. The longest i have been waiting in a cue is \~3 Days. Resetting the timer Every time.

It even says in the form you get when you submit the documents what you should upload [here]( And i uploaded the one that indicates and shows everything clearly. But suddenly it is not proficcient.

I am always being told that instead of a Email exchange i should use the chat function. Where you are put in infinite waiting loops and nobody you talked to before can ever be connected again. This is acutally not even legal in my country but whatever. I don’t know what else i should provide to finally get my account to work again. Nobody of the CS representatives can do anything because nobody can be reached and teams i am being connected with never show making this impossible to complete. And after i sent everything I have, I am still failing the review. I don’t think anybody there actually knows how to review my documents, hence they ask for even more everytime.

Has anybody ever completed this hurdle run? I only ever read about people who never got to see the end of it.


Please excuse my bad english.

Case ID #100456850

Edit: 16.02.2023 Customer service is actively ignoring me in the chat.

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  1. vaelbraga on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    Fuck binance customer service, double digit iq degens working min wages what did you expect?


  2. Commercial-Bonus-830 on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    Same trouble here trying 3 times since december …

    asking for every bank move since my first deposit in early 2021 (can’t because my bank app do not keep history more than a year)

    This is fucking ridiculus , wage + wage going on account + IRS document + loan document + account statement with money going to binance

    Binance just want us never use their plateform again it’s the deal?


  3. Much-Pomegranate8962 on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    I am in the same boat. I sent everything got declined so many times


  4. Goal_Medium on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    My application was first rejected. Now I have re-submitted and the estimated verification was one week ago… It’s simply still pending. Does anybody know if Binance is overloaded or something?


  5. almostnemo on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    I’m having the same problem. I even sent them financial activity from 10 years ago which was not good for them.

    I’m on my 4th try to get my account unblocked.

    Terrible system.


  6. BinanceCSHelp on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    Hello there. Thank you for sharing us your Case ID and explaining your issue in details.Per check we have reviewed your case and see that our chat support team has already given you the relevant information on the chat. Please take a look at your earliest convenience.
    We understand all the frustration but we ask you to follow our instructions. Kindly pay attention to the supported document types. As long as you will update your EDD please let us now, we will expedite.
    Thank you for your patience.


  7. Revolutionary_Mix941 on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    Do you face this problem when trying to withdraw funds from binance?


  8. almostnemo on 17. April 2023 at 11:56

    Does anyone know what services are blocked if you can’t prove source of wealth to Binance’s liking?

    I have ETH staked for the ETH 2.0 upgrade. All I want at this point is to be able to withdraw my crypto at the end of the upgrade and Binance will not answer my question.