Hello /r/huobi.

This is my 3rd and last attempt before I unsubscribe and escalate this to where ever you can escalate such things. I have emailed you guys a bunch and chatted with your support plenty of times. The SUBREDDIT huobi person gives more shits about me so I’m posting it here in hopes that you can figure something out sir/lady. Also hopefully this sheds some light to people considering getting on the exchange. I’m probably an outlier but then again I see some posts with others with similar problems so there’s no way to know what the prevalence of these Customer Service disasters are.

Chapters mean nothing and I am just straight going through so please bear with me and my rant.

**Chapter 01: Everything is fine**

My problems started in early January after I logged in for the first time. I bound my 2FA and was able to log in and after using the site I was fairly impressed with the clean UI and the selection of coins. I sent more money (LTC and ETH(?)) to the account and went to bed.

**Chapter 02: When everything goes wrong for no reason**

The next day I realized that I needed to re-login, which is great because I don’t like exchanges that allow you to leave a browser on and just trade for days (security reasons). After sliding the bar and entering the 2FA, I was greeted with (Invalid 2FA code).

My heart sank. But then I remembered I had the original code and everything saved for my 2FA (everyone should make this a habit). I re-used the SAME seed and to my dismay I realized that the code was spitting out the exact same numbers as the one above it (the other Huobi 2FA).

**Chapter 03: How not to run Customer Support**

This is when things just started going to hell. I was chatting with a customer support person and I could tell that they were literally just trying to get me off the chat. They made it seem like this was “common” for new accounts and just suggested I try again the next day. He even accused me of not having my phone attached to the account (a blatant lie because I had to get a code from my phone before I could even do the 2FA). As scared as I was with that much money on the account, I waited.

*Chat started on 14 Jan 2018, 07:08 PM (GMT+0)*

– [sighhh1](https://imgur.com/a/gvsdb)

– [sigggghh2](https://imgur.com/a/Vy9rl)

The next day nothing changed. I opened up the chat again and they suggested I have to email them now. I wondered why they just didn’t give me that option the day before and proceeded to explain for the 4th or 5th time (to a different person what happened).

**Chapter 04: BTW, at this point they want my KYC information**

Against my better judgement I send them my KYC info. At first, I send them my State Issued ID (Driver’s License) and my only hopes is to get the hell out. As you know markets are going crazy in mid January…

**Chapter 05: The silence… the waiting…**

Now, they want my Passport. Against my better judgement yet again, I send them my passport.

*Let’s take a quick PAUSE*

Let’s take again into consideration that I am ONLY trying to access my account. Hell, I’m just trying to even see if the funds are even still in there at this point. I’m not trying to **WITHDRAW** or move money or anything like that (of course if given the option I’d be out faster than something fast that I’m not clever enough to think of) I’m just trying to **UNLOCK** my account with Huobi.

You’re making it really difficult.By the way Huobi tell me why you can’t unlock my account now that you know that I’m the real me…


– have my full legal name
– have my driver’s license
– have my passport front and back
– have a dumb ass picture of me holding my said passport with the date

**Chapter 06: 2/5/2018**

Now, I’m just lost. I’ve already emailed the support 7-8 times. I’ve already gotten responses.

Here’s the latest email (mind you this is on the same thread of email)
[Email from 2/4/2018](https://imgur.com/a/JisAw)

I thought okay. Maybe this time… this time it’s actually unlocked.
Nope. Nothing. But I guess since Huobi thinks the problem has been dealt with… I can believe that or just email them again? hahaha….

Seriously. DYOR. This is not financial advice and all that but seriously. Your money deserves better.

Some random proof/pics:

– [Yup Im fucking dumb](https://imgur.com/a/sYmkX)
– [Biggest lies of them all](https://imgur.com/a/YZ35c)
– [Hmm how conveniently you said ID here but then denied me until I sent my passport](https://imgur.com/a/dK4zN)
– [Proof of them asking for Passport now… not just ID](https://imgur.com/a/Ptw0r)

Oh, and if you delete this post. I will post it on /r/cryptocurrency and whereever I can to spread the news. Don’t take it as a threat but if you delete such posts, me as an actor within the crypto community will HAVE to post for being silenced. The money? Sure, it’s a lot but I already have Bitgrail to deal with, and it’s a lot more money locked on there. But hey, it’s the price you pay for being on multiple exchanges.

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